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She said the incident had left her feeling more sad than angry and that she would not be voting for Labour or any other party. May[ edit ] In Hornsey and Wood Green constituency postal voters were sent ballot papers which asked voters to pick three candidates instead of one; Haringey Council had to send correct versions by hand. Sue pushed her up towards me. During the third leaders' debate, the Labour party front page was a "Twitterfall" of comments taken from Twitter and Facebook from a selected set of supporters; go to the page and you'd be invited to say you were voting Labour on one of those sites. Let's go and ring his doorbell to annoy him. After the TV debates, Facebook polls proclaimed Clegg the "winner" in a self-selecting sample of 10, users. Sue [Susan Nye, Brown's gatekeeper] should never have put me with that woman. In an election that everyone has been able to see coming for months, politicians and spin doctors have had plenty of time to get their social media ducks in line. The Liberal Democrats' web page didn't use any. That's because thousands of people, and especially first-time voters, were watching them on two screens: the TV screen and their mobile phone or computer, which they used to monitor and respond on Twitter and Facebook, giving instant reactions to the candidates' appearance, words and policies. I mean, it's just ridiculous. On … Twitter, Obama could count on more than , supporters 'tweeting' to get him elected. GB: Everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour.

Next time it will just be part of every political correspondent's job. Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC's technology and industrial correspondent, who has been its "digital election correspondent" during the campaign, says: "We maybe get a distorted view [via social media and especially Twitter] because people who engage with it are in general liberal-minded people.

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On … Twitter, Obama could count on more thansupporters 'tweeting' to get him elected. Bristol City Council officials asked people to tear up the wrong papers and said: "Every effort will be made to ensure delivery [of new ballot papers] by 30 April.

So what difference, if any, has it made? And what about Twitter?

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Even the Telegraph's Alex cartoon, which has a strand in which a former banker is running for MP, included a Twitter joke on Friday: "Just about everyone connected with this election has a Twitter account and it's important for us to monitor what's being said by our opponents as well as our supporters," says the candidate.

Bristol City Council stated: "This is a criminal matter and [it] will be for the police to decide what action to take.

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Sue pushed her up towards me.

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Election How social media swung the vote