Abstain from abortion

The letter used a variety of arguments to oppose the Bill, including criticism of its quick processing in parliament, the lack of public debate about the topic and the adoption of a UK law in a recently independent Zambia. Management of abortion complications at a rural hospital in Uganda: a quality assessment by a partially completed criterion-based audit.

Who labels the law? This is an interesting observation since the Termination of Pregnancy Act makes no reference to rape. This is important to ensure that the abortion was complete and that the uterus is healing.

Some women feel very emotional or experience mood swings. These observations differentiate the condition from inevitable or incomplete abortion.

The law is ambiguous enough to cater both for actors who want to expand and actors who want to further restrict access to safe and legal abortion.

after abortion symptoms

In a threatened abortion, the vaginal exam may reveal a closed cervical os with no tissue. Keywords: Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Abortion, Health policy Introduction Since the Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in [ 1 ], Zambia has been seen internationally as having a liberal legal framework for abortion [ 23 ].

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Threatened Abortion