American prisoners of war in vietnam

POWs held in North Vietnam were used for propaganda, psychological warfareand negotiating purposes. It is a s-origined splinter from the National League of Families, [19] created by members who were dissatisfied with Ann Mills Griffiths' leadership.

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Indeed, a considerable literature emerged from released POWs after repatriation, depicting Hoa Lo and the other prisons as places where such atrocities as murder; beatings; broken bones, teeth and eardrums; dislocated limbs; starvation; serving of food contaminated with human and animal feces; and medical neglect of infections and tropical disease occurred.

The rope that binds his arms is only just visible, but the militiawoman guarding him with her bayonet is plain to see. In a interview, the Cambodia politician Pen Sovan reported hearing about U.

are there still pows in vietnam 2017

Brute physical mistreatment of prisoners was rarer than in other camps, but did occur to some Plantation prisoners. Although North Vietnam was a signatory of the Third Geneva Convention of[9] which demanded "decent and humane treatment" of prisoners of war, severe torture methods were employed, such as waterboardingstrappado known as "the ropes" to POWs [10]irons, beatings, and prolonged solitary confinement.

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Vietnam Prisoner of War: Incredible Story Behind the Photo