An analysis of the differences between the creationists and the evolutionists

creationism vs evolution the arguments for each side

May GOD please help all of you while still alive here on earth to really open up your minds! So what math are you using?

Evolution vs god

It is based, as you say, on observation, measurement, and evidence. We have no argument over adaptation. Moreover, Thomas Aquinas was not a Jimmy Akins creationist. That leaves only points one and five. There may be alien civilizations in many places throughout the universe, none of them ever knowing there were any other ones out there. Your suggestion is very like telling me I should start a fund to study the population ecology of Sasquatch. Not as yet. There was a master design that ended with a working clock or plane. Catholic theologians know what evolution is.

Evolution does not say that humans are descended from monkeys and apes. Truth can stand up to the hard questions.

Philosophy of creation

It was not officially opposed to evolution theory, but its main founder James Reddie objected to Darwin's work as "inharmonious" and "utterly incredible", and Philip Henry Gosse , author of Omphalos , was a vice-president. There was a sudden creation of the universe, energy and life from nothing. They may not accept it as such, but they know what evolution is. There is a difference here, but hardly one of any significance. Warfield who saw it as a natural law expressing God's will. This development took a very long time. Theistic evolution leaves us with, at the very least, a deeply callous and perhaps incompetent god as designer. Other creationists believe in an older Earth, with species still created separately by God. The situation for ID, is no better, and in some ways very much worse, than it is for Sasquatches.

That's the gist of the debate between scientists and creationists, which has been ongoing ever since Charles Darwin published his theory in And here we have our first genuine difference. The idea of a God becoming man, coming to Earth, dying, then coming back to life, and going back to Heaven, is nonsense.

God did do it or the god of BUC blind unguided chance did it. This development took a very long time.

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Difference Between Creation and Evolution