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Underwood in Boston, and the first issue was published in November Init was rebranded as CityLab.

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This, of course, is what our magazine, at its best, has always done. The stand-alone site has been described as exploring and explaining "the most innovative ideas and pressing issues facing today's global cities and neighborhoods. Its offices are in Washington, D. In addition, the magazine moved its offices from Boston to Washington, D. The page comments were moderated by the marketing team, not by editorial staff, and comments critical of the church were being removed. Later that day, The Atlantic removed the piece from its website and issued an apology. David G.

Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. In it was announced that the Emerson Collective was acquiring a majority stake in the publication; the organization, which largely focused on immigration and education reform, was founded and headed by Laurene Powell Jobs, a noted philanthropist and the widow of Steve Jobs.

The event has been called a "political who's who" as it often features policymakers, journalists, lobbyists and think tank leaders.

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Yoni has the depth of experience, the intellectual reach, and the historical acuity to tackle this complicated task. At a moment when so many people are engaging in political debate by talking past one another, Ideas will be a place where writers of varied persuasions engage one another in good faith.

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Few of the Boston staff agreed to move, and Bradley embarked on an open search for a new editorial staff. Inthe magazine was acquired by Mortimer Zuckermanproperty magnate and founder of Boston Propertieswho became its chairman.

Among its offerings are Navigator, "a guide to urban life," and CityFixer, which curates solutions-based stories around a dozen topics.

Its offices are in Washington, D. David G.

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Introducing The Atlantic’s Ideas Section