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Richard also fought in many decisive battles of the Wars of the Roses, such as Barnet, Tewkesbury, and Bosworth. Whether these were exclusively from Richard's force is uncertain - it is possible Henry also had ordnance.

Note the water-logged field in the top-left; Northumberland may have been deployed behind this which may have made him reluctant to advance.

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Cannon appears to have been used extensively by both sides at the Battle of Bosworth Field. During this progress, Henry acquired a number of cannon to form his artillery train.

Northumberland had been captured and imprisoned by the Yorkists inlosing his titles and estates; however, Edward released him eight years later and restored his earldom.

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Aftermath of the Battle Throughout the Wars of the Roses, many kings and other military leaders had abandoned the battlefield when matters did not go in their favour. The Stanleys, a wealthy family, had 6, men on retainer and they had yet to choose a side. Richard had attempted to mitigate this risk by holding his eldest son, Lord Strange, hostage. This letter, dated March 1st, , contains news brought back to Spain by merchants returning from England. On April 28, , a mob hunted him down and tore him from limb to limb. Curiously, the battle was not actually fought in Bosworth Field: rather, it took place near the Market of Bosworth, and it is also known as the Battle of Redemore Field or Dadlington Field Kramer However, Edward convinced Parliament to circumvent the law of inheritance and transfer the estate to his younger son, who was married to Anne. The next morning, 22nd August , battle lines were drawn up in the undulating, open, marshy countryside to the south-west of the Warwickshire town of Sutton Cheney. Listen Now 8. Carpenter, D A debate remains to this day about what might have happened to the princes; but at the time, most believed that Richard had killed the princes in the Tower to secure his claim to the throne.

After resting in Shrewsbury, his forces went eastwards and picked up Sir Gilbert Talbot and other English allies, including deserters from Richard's forces.

Edward IV demonstrated he was a capable, successful, and popular king. It is the last battle of the English Medieval period and marks the beginning of a new era for the kingdom. Cheney was the tallest soldier in all of England and one of the most feared men on the battlefield.

Colin Richmond, however, wonders how the battle was fought; what prompted Yorkists to defect to the Lancastrian side; and above all, where exactly did the battle take place? Their deaths left the House of Lancaster with no direct claimants to the throne.

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I came from a country where an old house was years old. Richard fought in the Battle of Tewkesbury. Simultaneously Northumberland, whose northern territory was the most distant from the capital, had gathered his men and ridden to Leicester.

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The Battle of Bosworth