Book report activities for 2nd grade

Hilarious cartoon illustrations scamper across the pages of this three-chapter book.

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The piece might also include information about events, traits, or conflicts in the book that involve that character. Pendziwol, illustrated by: Jirina Marton - Groundwood Books, 32 pages.

Book report activities for 2nd grade

Make A Book Report Sandwich! Children cannot get enough of the adventures of Jack and Annie, as they travel back in time in their tree house. Picture Books. These ideas were adapted from November! The student then writes a two-page report that shares information about the topic. Aside from these 2nd grade book report templates, check out this link for more templates and select the ones that you can tweak and apply in your second grade classroom. Featured Book. Peer through windows, unfold letters and open closet doors of dollhouses from the medieval times through the s. Do your students grumble every time you mention the words book reports? Newbery Honor, Find Make Way for Ducklings at your local library. Below the drawing is a description of that character—personality, wishes, dreams, values. Keene, an exuberant principal, loves his school so much that he decides to have school every Saturday and even during holidays and summer vacation. Surfing the Net. Each student creates a chart with three columns.

On the top slice of bread, each student wrote the title and the author of the book the student had just finished reading.

Students might even rate the book using a teacher-created five-star rating system.

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Children fall from broomsticks, are turned into animals by the wrong spells and threatened by a band of misfit witches. Characters Come to Life. Her teacher, who is trying to explain the nature of good stories to her class, tolerantly allows Gooney Bird to upstage her by telling melodramatic stories that appear to be whoppers.

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Classroom Activities: 25 Book Report Alternatives