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Known as the isle of flowers because of its rich, lush, tropical vegetation, bright in colours. List of Caribbean Countries By Population Cuba - 11, Cuba declared independence from Spain on October 10,but had to wait for independence until December 10,when Spain handed over the country to the US.

Just eight square miles in size, asides from the designer yachts, luxury hotels and celebs, you will meet charming locals descendant of the original French settlers and a large population of iguanas!

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It is the least populated country or territory in the Caribbean. We certainly think it deserves to — with its wonderfully rich culture and stunning beaches — one to watch for ! Dominican Republic Area: 18, square miles 48, sq km Population: 10, The Dominican Republic comprises the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti.

Cuba Area: 42, square milessq km Population: 11, Capital: Havana The island of Cuba averages one hurricane every other year; most recently, Irma delivered a direct hit in The largest city in Grenada is St. On May 20,Cuba declared independence from the US.

Many of these islands are To make that massive number of islands sound far less overwhelming, you can think of the Caribbean in terms of its three distinct regions.

There are 30 different political divisions in the Caribbean, including independent countries and dependent territories.

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List of Caribbean countries by population