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Write about your favorite Christmas book or movie. The best Christmas light display The best time to listen to Christmas music How tall do you think elves are?

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Perfect for emerging writers who have progressed past "fill in the blank" worksheets. Write a list of your Christmas wishes this year.

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This Christmas writing prompt gets your child to think about what it's like to have Santa's job. December 25 - Christmas Christmas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated on December 25 by people around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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We're sporting a new look for the new school year! The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. Create a venn diagram highlighting the differences and similarities between Hanukkah and Christmas. Visit Wikipedia's Christmas Page to learn more information about the history of this holiday. Use plenty of detail. Tell why you think so. Frosty the Snowman Oulipo Creative a bookworm on your hands? Where are you going to go?

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Rosa Park's quiet and courageous act of defiance became an important symbol of the Civil Rights Movement and the resistance to racial segregation.

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We'll send you day link christmas a secure page where you can easily create your new password Go back to sign in page. You can also make these beautiful 3-D Christmas Star Ornaments. Describe the feeling of snow inside your boots When does your family give each other presents? Considering how many or our students will use inappropriate behavior to avoid writing? Remind them that they have to include directional words as well as descriptive details because Santa will be following their instructions word-for-word on Christmas Eve. Your favorite Christmas ornament The gingerbread man who came to life What if there was an abominable snowman? These 20 Christmas writing prompts will keep your students writing — and they will have fun too! The journal prompts and writing ideas listed below range from the imaginative ideas of Santa and his reindeer to the nostalgic reflections on their own family traditions. Continue Reading. Why is it your favorite?

Letter writing is fast becoming an almost lost skill. What happens at that Christmas celebration?

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There are 11 printable worksheets in this free teaching resources set. My favorite Christmas song Write a story about the other reindeer besides Rudolph What do you like to get in your stocking? I have been up against tough competition all my life. Does your family put presents under the tree throughout December or on Christmas Eve? You can also make these beautiful 3-D Christmas Star Ornaments. Their letter should be conversational in nature. Write an essay supporting your opinion.

This holiday was started in by Dr. You can create your own writing prompts, or see what your students consider to be appropriate topics for each of the spaces. The winter solstice occurs on the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

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What do you do next? Play a piece of Mozart's music for your students and have them write about how it makes them feel and the images this piece of music creates in their minds.

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