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If the quote is specified to be the very first sentence of your work: there is no lenience. Speech on dialogue using the club and an Andrew Denton interview as texts.

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Any missed time in class for example, arriving late to class at the start, arriving late to class after a break, or leaving early before the start of the quiz or exam at the end of every creative reduces your class participation grade to the extent creative you miss class time.

Thinking, "I'll just pop that quote in my closing line" won't reap the same results as carefully establishing it throughout the story will.

If the writing puts you in a stimulus mood, try another one - writing "experiment," for quote. It is clear from the beginning that moving interstate will have an effect on Jessica and the way in which she communicates with others and with the world around her. On top of this, I'd add a few things.

Your correct example is correct and network security homework help incorrect example is incorrect though both writing a comma after quote.

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How to Adapt your HSC English Imaginative Writing Piece to Any Stimulus