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Nevertheless, the deficit could be overcome and this paper proposes some ideas on how to establish a European demos and democracy at EU level. Different theories tend to assess a selective part of the institutions of European Union according to selective definitions of democracy.

It ensured that if the European Parliament disagreed with a piece of legislation included in a limited list of subjects, the law could not be passed.

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All in all, the EU prerogatives remain primarily economic, while inroads into other areas are limited to cross-border flows. This has to do with the variable geometry of EU integration which allows for different alternatives to reliance on strict EU norms. Secondly, this criticism concerning the European Union might be exaggerated, or alternatively the democratic feature of nation states should also be questioned. Deliberation is limited to the national arena, while inter-state relationships follow the logic of bargaining. All in all, according to Moravcsik, the democratic deficit is a myth that needs to be debunked. Starting from this assumption, the main focus of analysis therefore remain the power and preferences of its Member States. This paper analyses the concept democratic deficit, firstly in general, defining democracy and the term democratic deficit, and providing general reasons for this perception. On the one hand the Union needs to work on discursive practices in order to communicate how the status quo is difficult to change and the constraints to which it is subject. An interesting but often too easily dismissed perspective is represented by discourse theory. Institutional reforms such as the ones proposed by Follesdal and Hix direct election of the Commission president, more transparent meetings of the Council etc. The result is what Choate calls the democratic deficit.

The most simple way to demonstrate that is to compare the European Union to national democracies. Reply to this article.

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Conclusions In this paper I tried to demonstrate that different conceptions of democracy and legitimacy can lead to different assessments of the democratic deficit. Legitimacy can be generated in different ways, depending on whether we concentrate on the input or the output side of policy-making.

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The first view stresses the vertical and hierarchical features of its institutional set-up, while the second focuses on the horizontal dynamics between participant member states. Secondly, there are fiscal constraints. Economy is indeed a much more competitive arena than politics, with no guaranteed rights for losers.

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A Democratic Deficit in the EU Essay