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The tower is laid on an elevated base, in the shape of a five-pointed star, which comprises of four platforms.

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The once-over is intentionally included the destinations from each one of the provinces. A girl perfectly, for the moment, perfectly confident of herself and the world. It is still in Peshawar and serving students with all the modern knowledge of the time. When the great ancient trade routes connecting these regions ceased to be important, the city sank into insignificance and was finally destroyed by the nomadic Hunas in the 5th century. This beautiful mosque is known as one of the famous historical places in Pakistan, which was built in seven years. I have collected the list of historical places in Pakistan, so check out it and decide your next destination. It lies approximately 98 km east of Karachi, near the apex of the Indus River Delta in southeastern Sindh.

It is approximately 3 km from Khukha. People originate from various countries to visit that places and have a decent time. For its design, architect Arif Masood drew inspiration from the figure of a blossoming flower to represent the four provinces and three territories into which Pakistan is subdivided.

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The mosque was commissioned during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as part of an ensemble of buildings that also included the nearby Shahi Hammam baths. The double story building has 32 rooms with 14 in basement. It is approximately 16 km NW of Jhelum and is near the city of Dina. Tomb of Jahangir, Lahore: Source: pakistan. Hiran Minar One of the beautiful and amazing historical places in Pakistan is Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura 40 km away from the city Lahore. In it was ranked as the top tourist destination in Pakistan by The Guardian newspaper. Rohtas Fort This fort was actually built as a garrison by the then ruler of the area, Sher Shah Suri. Almost thirty years later, the mausoleum was enriched with an adjoining, large water tank; in the middle of the tank lies a picturesque octagonal pavilion, connected to the mainland through an elevated walkway. Further, it still is a great place for the visitors and also sacred for the people who follows Hinduism or Buddhism traditions. Top 10 historic places in Pakistan: The below mentioned is a well-crafted list of the top 10 mighty historic places in the country: Mohenjo-Daro Mohenjo-Daro is probably the most attractive historic lace in the country which is famous all through the world. By then, most responses had disintegrated before from its raised position at the foot of the Margalla Hills. These are found all over the external and internal walls, and are so meticulous and rich in details that they make Wazir Khan a stunning piece of art, in addition to a religious site.

It is 2, feet m above sea level and covers an area of The complex was built at the site of a game reserve in honor of Mughal Emperor Jahangir's pet antelope. It is situated right up a m hill and the place is about 16 km from Mardan city and some 80 odd km from the Peshawar city.

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If you decide to roam around the world, your first and foremost destination should be historical and breathtaking places in Pakistan. Makli Necropolis, Thatta: Source: Google Makli Necropolis is one of the largest funerary sites in the world, spread over an area of 10 square kilometers near the city of Thatta, in the Pakistani province of Sindh.

The quaint pavilions, porticoed audience halls and marble basins found along the edges of the pools complete a peaceful, dream-like and refreshing corner in the city of Lahore.

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Makli Makli is actually a necropolis in the famous and the historic city of Thatta. Today, the walls are gone but most of the gates have remained. Truth be told, we are home to a decent number of United Nations World Heritage locales. The gardens are laid out over three descending, successive terraces carrying the poetic names of Bestower of Pleasure, Bestower of Goodness and Bestower of Life, each rising four to five meters above the other. The site houses approximately , to 1 million tombs built over the course of a year period. It has a very strategic location on top of hill which gave the then army good chance to protect themselves against the Ghakkars. The historical places in Pakistan dominate the entire arena because of its rich history and one of the oldest civilizations of this world had lived where Pakistan stands today. Minar e Pakistan shows the real beauty and a mixture of Mughal and modern architecture, just like other historical places in Pakistan. It is known, however, that in the second half of the 16th century, the original mud-brick structure was demolished and rebuilt with burnt bricks. The renowned archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham rediscovered the ruins of Taxila in the midth century. Hiran Minar Right when a venerated pet kicks the pail, what individuals, as a rule, do to keep its memory alive is defended pictures and maybe several articles to review it by. Wazir Khan Mosque: Source: cartay. Source: Wikipedia 2.

Source: Wikipedia History: There are various stories regarding its construction. One of the most beautiful mosques in Pakistan, it is best known for its incredible mosaics made from myriads of brightly colored glazed tiles.

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The resolution eventually helped lead to the emergence of an independent Pakistani state in Later on, this palace was used as the state guest house or for the meetings. The mosque has been under extensive restoration since under the direction of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and the Government of Punjab, with contributions from the governments of Germany, Norway, and the United States. The project differed from traditional mosque architecture, as it featured contemporary, sleek lines and, most notably, lacked a dome. The entrance of this tomb has connected with the tall tower from all the four sides. The Minar-e-Pakistan is a meter-high minaret rich in symbols standing for the history of Pakistan. The following is the summary of unquestionably the most basic buildings of Pakistan. It belonged to the Nawabs of Bahawalpur princely state, during British Raj. The monument is arranged in Lahore and the course of action was originally thought to be under the military administration of Zia-ul-Haq. The best way to deal with deference the past is to shield it. Tomb of Jahangir, Lahore: Source: pakistan.
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