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It should be our faith that Allah Almighty is the provider and sovereign.

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The expression of gratitude to Allah Almighty should be made in letter and spirit. Signs Scattered on Earth and in Us: If we look around on the earth and also look into ourselves we shall come to know that there must be a creator.

We have not related to thee. Unique in Attributes: The unity of the characteristics of Allah Almighty means that Allah Almighty possesses power and characteristics which are found in no one else.

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He is a perfect human being who possesses extra-ordinary spiritual power. Human Nature: A study of history shows that the civilized as well as the savage had the concept of the belief in the existence of Omnipotent Allah. Every creature is dependent on Allah Almighty and all its qualities are granted by Allah Almighty. Lectureship is a dream and to translate this dream into reality, the young graduates are supposed to demonstrate clarity and understanding of the essential concepts of their subjects. One form of this belief is to accept some one as equal to Allah Almighty and the second form is to consider Allah Almighty as the offspring of someone or to consider someone as the offspring of Allah Almighty. Eligibility Criteria: The candidates must have the second division in M. Love and Respect: People also started worshiping their rulers out of love and respect. He knows that Allah Almighty is always with him. In case of every difficulty we should seek the help and blessings of Allah Almighty, the most powerful and the most merciful. The Holy Qur'an tells: It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending Islamiat Inter Ch 1 of a Messenger to reveal, with Allahs permission what God wills. Therefore, the word Definition: This belief means that we should accept that Allah Almighty is the Creator and sovereign of the entire universe and He is the only one fit and worthy to be worshiped. He always practically followed what he preached.

He is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty who possessed all the accomplishments separately granted to Prophets before him. A good human society is always based on good deeds of the people. Then look again and again, your look will come back to you defeated and fatigued.

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For Islamiat Inter Ch 1 instance, we think of a builder when we see a house, while a watch reminds us of its maker otherwise we cannot justify its reality. Whenever we look at something, we always think of its creator. Loss of self-respect 2. However, every Muslim is required to believe in the Prophethood of all the Prophets without any discrimination. We, have related to thee, and some whose story. Unforgiveable Sin: In the Holy Quran Shirk has also been declared as the wrong that will not be forgiven. Then look again and again, your look will come back to you defeated and fatigued. Therefore, belief in the existence of two or more gods is Shirk. Hazrat Azrael: He is appointed to draw the souls of the living bodies at their appointed times. A true believer knows that Allah Almighty is Omnipotent and very object in the universe has been created by Him. As no one shares in the existence of Allah Almighty therefore Allah Almighty is neither the son nor daughter of any one nor does He have any son or daughter. We should worship only Allah Almighty and in our life we should never consider any one else as a sharer in the powers and authority of Allah Almighty.

You will not see any flaw in the creation of the Most Kind. This faith prevents a man from committing sins in public or in private and encourages him to perform good deeds.

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