Issues and problems of the early filipinos during pre spanish era

The route lasted years, from tocrossing the Pacific Ocean in yearly bases, and heavily depending of the geographical conditions.

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Our ancestors—far from being the archetypal spear-carrying, bahag-wearing tribesmen we picture them to be—were very proficient in the art of war.

In the late Neolithic, wet cultivation marked an essential point in the economic development of the archipelagic communities.

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However, being welcoming and hospitable with aliens becomes one of the considered factors for the islanders to experience the hostility of the so called Colonization. In fact, some Chinese—out of confidence—were known to simply leave their items on the beaches to be picked up by the Filipinos and traded inland.

Eager to evangelize and subjugate our ancestors, the missionaries exploited the baybayin for their own ends, learning and using it to translate their various works. Although the Spanish era and the American period by extension did have their good points, would it have really been worth it all in the end?

In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History.

Issues and problems of the early filipinos during pre spanish era

The ineffectiveness of these schools will be seen when it is remembered that a school under the Spanish regime was a strictly sectarian, ungraded school, with no prescribed course of study and no definite standards for each year, and that they were in charge of duly certificated but hardly professionally trained or progressive teachers, housed in unsuitable and unsanitary buildings. This divide-and-conquer strategy would be the major reason why the Spanish successfully controlled the country for more than years. He ht, Joha a. This book is about the administrative history of the bureaucracy in the Philippines. E Ma-i, probably Mindoro, brings goods directly to Canton for the first time. Further evidence is found in the differential treatment of slaves from within the community and those from outside. We already had an advanced civilization. Usually, it was the datu and the village elders who promulgated such laws, which were then announced and explained to the people by a town crier called the umalohokan. Central government in Manila retained a medieval cast until the 19th century, and the governor-general was so powerful that he was often likened to an independent monarch. The strategic geographical location of the country is one of the primary factors in experiencing colonization during the mercantile era Merchant, The little school instruction the average Filipino has had has not tended to broaden his intelligence or to give him power of independent thought.

Moreover, this event have lessen the travel time of goods and travelers, thus it provides a 9 Philippine Normal University Philippine Development Experience more convenience for the people. Inseveral schools of medicine and pharmacy were opened.

what was the government form of the philippines during the pre spanish period

In line with the discussion, the the opening of the Suez Canal. Unwed mothers or fathers were not shamed,[ citation needed ] as many of their gods and goddesses were the same. Sadly, the Spanish cleverly exploited the regionalist tendencies of the pre-colonial Filipinos.

The exchange of Chinese silks for Mexican silver not only kept in Manila those Spanish who were seeking quick profit, but it also attracted a large Chinese community.

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Education in the Philippines during Spanish rule