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In other words, the design constitutes a blueprint, chain of evidence, or logical model of proof. Marmer, M.

This kind of agility requires a continuous cycle of interactions with the environment, constant assessment of change as well as means to mitigate risks and finally, iterating faster than the competition to yield a substantial advantage - in the case of a startup potentially the survival in the initial years where scarce resources and high uncertainty can be best compensated with a mindset of agility. Among the most important issues to be planned are the methods to be used for data collection, which site to visit, what documents to study, which people to interview, how often these interviews should be conducted, etc. IV Which of the Lean Startup principles are the most difficult to implement in the eyes of the practitioners? In a recent study, Tang et al. Iterate rapidly. Furthermore, the following sub-questions were defined: I What explains the disparity in productivity between the most and least productive teams at a recent LS practitioner event? Sarasvathy, , increased our understanding of the entrepreneurial process with a description of two different approaches to the creation of new ventures: causation and effectuation. Very often this is misunderstood as a slim, economical founding without major capital expenditure. To keep cycles short and get feedback quickly, only few features are added to an iteration. This thesis aims to fill this gap in Workflow visualization, root cause analysis, customer value metrics and measurement of lead and cycle times were claimed beneficial for continuous improvement and transparency. The research design followed in this thesis is described in the following paragraphs and deals with five methodological issues: a setting, case and participant selection, b data collection, c data analysis, d case study protocol and case study database, and e ethical considerations. After an evaluation of the design, the chapter concludes with a summary of the main choices made. The ambidextrous character of the framework that offers not only a useful heuristic tool for entrepreneurs, but also a useful way of thinking about strategy, entrepreneurial action and the decision making progress Marchisio et al. An example for this are people with food allergies: As they experience the negative impact of consuming certain food ingredients particularly intensely on their own body, they are rather prepared to try a technological solution for this problem, which breaks down the ingredients of the food product.

When we take another look at the case study Groupon, the founders initially developed a rudimentary website based on WordPress and sent the manually created PDF-vouchers personally by email in the beginning. Iterate rapidly. Finally, section four concludes with a summary of the key choices made related to the research methodology.

Pescadero, Calif. In order to not only ensure greater validity in the development of insights, but also consider context dependency, the more robust multiple case studies with across-case comparisons were favored over a single case study Eisenhardt, ; Yin, Research Methodology An emerging paradigm shift towards a new theory of entrepreneurship sets out to increase the odds of entrepreneurial success and reduce the still relatively high failure rate of high-tech startups.

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Literature Review Introduction and Approach This chapter provides the reader with the most relevant and significant literature and research findings in two areas related to the facilitation of opportunity development in the early stage of high-tech entrepreneurship.

The research sub-questions of this study included the following: I What explains the disparity in productivity between the most and least productive teams at a recent Lean Startup practitioner event?

With regard to intuition, Blume and Covin analyzed whether entrepreneurs actually use intuition or just claim to do so. The second study is an academic research case where IMVU - the Lean Startup of Eric Ries which pioneered the Build-Measure-Lean cycle - was analyzed with regard to the application of Womack and Jones' five Lean Management principles in software development processes.

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The challenge is to find out about the minimum set of features necessary to engage with those early evangelists to start the learning feedback loop - the so called Build-Measure- Learn cycle: illustration not visible in this excerpt Figure 3. In contrast to the plan-driven and sequential waterfall model of new product development, Lean and Agile development is learning-focused by employing many short iterations of the development cycle and getting customer feedback as early as possible in the process Ries et al.

Problem Statement Opportunity development is at the heart of the entrepreneurial process and the transformation of ideas into opportunities is vital for entrepreneurial success.

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