Ohio river pollution

While those numbers may seem large, commission officials urged the public not to be alarmed.

ohio river most polluted 2019

Algae blooms are most common in the summer, although they may occur at any time of the year. There are solutions to these problems and the OEC is working with our partners to protect and restore this vital Ohio River. The basin is a unique ecosystem that provides drinking water and recreational opportunities, and is a place of commerce, supporting such activities as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and more.

I believe having meaningful, river-wide required standards is an important tool to include in our toolbox. In it adopted rules that after 10 years would phase out so-called "mixing zones" for mercury and other bio-accumulating pollutants.

The board approved an amendment to the original proposal directing a committee to study potential impacts to ORSANCO programs that could result from allowing states to opt out of the commission's standards. He spent his career as manager of water pollution control at the Illinois EPA, and explains that his state has a Pollution Control Board that decides state regulations.

ohio river pollution 2019

Instead, any mixing zones would be handled through permits issued by states. She said the Ohio Utility Group OUG litigated based on more of a legal argument or procedural argument as opposed to a direct opposition to the temperature limit itself.

Fitzgerald says this disparity impacts water quality and creates an unfair playing field for industries in the different river states. The treatment plant is responsible for the majority of the City of Cincinnati's water. The entire basin consists of more than 47, streams, ranging from large rivers, covering 41, square miles, to small streams, around square miles.

These landscape changes allow for more polluted rainwater runoff, flooding, and sedimentation.

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Ohio River Regulators Adopt Voluntary Pollution Control Standards