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Your school can apply Federal Pell Grant funds to your school costs, pay you directly, or combine these methods. As the principal design of the Pell Grant was to help low-income individuals attain post-secondary education, including prisoners was consistent with the goal.

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Students must respond in a timely manner to claim their Pell Grant, or risk losing the award for the year. The maximum eligible EFC for the award year is How many credits must I complete each year to stay eligible? You could lose all or part of your grant if your enrollment status changes — say, if you switch to part time from full time. The financial aid counselors may also consider any help from other sources such as scholarship programs and loans when determining the level of Pell Grant funding. Recent legislation[ edit ] Several changes to the program occurred in Participating institutions either credit the Federal Pell Grant funds to the student's school account, pay the student directly usually by check or combine these methods. The application process is simple, and consists of the following; Students applying for the Pell Grant must first fill out, and submit, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. View the tables for —20 award year, based on the factors above, that are used to determine Pell Grant award amounts. Award amounts vary based on the economy and the political climate. Federal Pell Grant funds can be used for tuition and fees, room and board, transportation, books, supplies and more. You are not eligible if you are incarcerated or subject to a civil commitment upon completion of incarceration for a forcible or non-forcible sexual offense. The HEA program included not only grants but also low interest loans to students who did not qualify for grants. Please note that you can receive the Federal Pell Grant for no more than 12 semesters or the equivalent roughly six years. This application evaluates your financial need, which will determine whether or not you will be awarded a Federal Pell Grant.

Award amounts vary based on the economy and the political climate. The cost to attend your college.

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For a full-time student, the annual and scheduled awards will be the same. Certain postbaccalaureate students in a teacher certification program might also be eligible. These grants never need to be repaid.

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Cost of attendance COA is based on the school's fees and tuition as well as the cost of books, room, board, and other expenses. The amount awarded to students is determined not only by your financial need, but also the cost to attend your school, your full-time or part-time status as a student and the length you plan on attending your school. It is provided so that the student can verify its accuracy. The federal government does not determine your financial aid award amount. Students eligible for a Pell Grant will find the amount of their award, and all relevant details, contained in the Student Aid Report. How often is my academic progress evaluated for financial aid? To complete the form, you will need the following financial and personal documents: Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number if you are not a U. Unlike loans, which are repaid typically with interest, grants are free money with no repayment stipulation. You can choose up to 10 colleges to list on the form, and each will receive your FAFSA information to determine financial aid packages specific to you and that school. Most changes to the federal student aid program result from a process called reauthorization.

Try it today! The Pell Grant Free Money for College Most college bound students find it necessary to supplement their education fund with some form of loan or grant, be it public or private.

This is the only way to apply for federal student aid and will evaluate your financial situation.

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This application evaluates your financial need, which will determine whether or not you will be awarded a Federal Pell Grant.

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What Is a Pell Grant?