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The house faced north; and, because of the dramatic view over the Bedford plain, it was a popular picnic site during the first half of the twentieth century when many families could not travel far afield. There is also an earlier source of inspiration; As a young boy, John would have regularly seen, and been impressed by, "Elstow Place"—the grand mansion behind Elstow Church, built for Sir Thomas Hillersden from the cloister buildings of Elstow Abbey.

Feeble-Mind, rescued from Slay-Good by Mr. It flows through a meadow, green all year long and filled with lush fruit trees. The "Valley of the Shadow of Death" is Millbrook gorge to the west of Ampthill ; "Vanity Fair" is probably also drawn from a number of sources.

He came into contact with an Independent church in Bedford, pastored by a godly man named John Gifford, and found profitable instruction in his wrestlings with God and with conscience. We should read it attentively. In this atmosphere Bunyan became acquainted with the leading ideas of the Puritan sectaries, who believed that the striving for religious truth meant an obstinate personal search, relying on free grace revealed to the individual, and condemning all forms of public organization.

Vanity Fair is the city of Destruction in its, gala dress, in its most seductive???

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The English Civil Wars had broken out, and in November he was mustered in a Parliamentary levy and sent to reinforce the garrison at Newport Pagnell.

He also shows Christian a book, which readers assume to be the Bible. The great preacher Charles Spurgeon is reputed to have read this book over one hundred times. Noted for his timidness of Godly Fears such as temptations and doubts.

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