Referencing a youtube video in an essay

harvard referencing

Not only are there different citation formats to follow, like APA or MLA, but the citation of different source types, whether a blog post or a speech or a photograph, also vary, even if just slightly, e. Guidelines will specify how the paper should be laid out, such as spacing, margins, headers, page numbers, etc.

how to in text cite a video mla

This source gives you some clues. Gone with the Wind, When the title is not mentioned in the text, the citation should consist of the title and the date in brackets: Example: The way the characters interact reveals Different courses are housed under different fields of study and different fields have different groups who meet to decide how scholarly writing in that field should be presented.

It will also detail how to document any outside sources you used in the paper, such as in-text citations, footnotes, works cited pages or reference pages. Here are some tips on how to deal with some common issues when using Leeds Harvard.

harvard referencing

Now you have to remember that if you borrowed any ideas from a source, like a YouTube video you watched, Twitter, Facebook or a class lecture, you have to cite that source in your paper.

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Harvard Referencing