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Comments may not show immediately. The judging was blind, with entries numbered, blank cover sheets and no age grouping. Isabella , Hudson Hertel St. Abortion is the killing of a future human. Isabella PSR. Being Catholic is counter-cultural. Archdiocese Archbishop Salvatore J. Veronica; Niccolo Machotka-Farley, St. Honorable Mention: Lauren Fitzgerald, St. African Americans fought for respects in many different aspects of their everyday lives. In the Netherlands, I am struck by the honesty and integrity of parents and educators who believe that if a child is old enough to ask a question, he is old enough to get an answer. Isabella; Mia Anibale, St. There are so many things to do to create a culture of life where life is respected and cared for and none of them are very hard at all. Even young children sense that when a mom is expecting a new baby, she needs extra help.

Anselm; Grace Basso, St. Why kill a life? R is the thing that separates raving from its frequent stereotypes.

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The contest was open to youth at parishes and Catholic schools ages When a Christian goes along with these teachings, he or she cannot possibly say, with a clear conscience, that euthanasia is right.

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Veronica; Niccolo Machotka-Farley, St.

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Respect Life Mass/Essay Contest Feb. 25! #walkforlifewc