Strategic management plan of nishat mills

I have made it possible to write each and every thing that I have learnt there. Date of receiving the fabric. Company is providing quality products to its customers within the Pakistan and outside the Pakistan.

Its contains following things: Dispatch No, invoice, exmill date, contract status, contract no, article no, product size and quality, total dispatch Qualitynumber of cartoons, cross wait, net wait etc.

The finishing department of NML Processing unit is famous for its quality work.

products of nishat mills limited

To wind twisted strand on the bobbin. I also mentioned about the Textile industry in Pakistan and vision of its industry. In exports, while Taiwan, India and the republic of Korea registered an annual increase of Technological factor: Technological advancement in all the sectors of the country has changed the entire socio-economic environment.

This report is basically an attempt to identify the areas which need to be improved. And by using that latest machinery the productivity of the employees are very high.

history of nishat mills limited

FNML parties are involved in the payment of the goods, i. After almost half a century of undaunted success, Nishat group is among the leading business houses of the country and ranks among the top 5 groups in terms of assets and sales revenue. The Companys total export for the year was Rs.

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Business Project Report on Nishat Textile Mills Pakistan