Strengths and weaknesses of educational system

hong kong education system strengths and weaknesses

In fact a SWOT can be used for any planning or analysis activity which could impact future finance, planning and management decisions of the school or establishment.

When the goal is shared, then a brainstorming session can be run. We try to foster a culture that allows children to behave in a way that is positive, supportive and comfortable.

strength of education

This includes frequent cases in which there is a school building but no teacher working in the village. As a consequence, several non-profit and self-help approaches to the provision of basic education, as well as professional and life skills, have re -emerged.

Strengths and weaknesses of indian education system

The system is focused on weaknesses rather than strengths. Why should a student enter a system not knowing what points he or she needs? This can only be done involving other teachers, pupils and parents. Having said that, we also have families who have difficulty paying the fees. Next The weakness of the state-run education system Government expenditure on education is estimated to amount to only about 1 per cent of gross domestic product GDP DFID In many rural areas, the government education system is non-existent. As schools serve different communities, and as one size does not fit all, schools should have the freedom to self-evaluate. TASK Define the goal and measurable outcomes — i. Godsil has been very critical of the Leaving Cert system, which he believes should be retired too.

Teachers are usually reluctant to go to the rural areas, particularly as they receive no adequate salaries to compensate them for this. Involvement with international education gives you an insight into the future. I know nobody whose career revolves around his or her weaknesses.

Greater investment in terms of the rollout of e-learning is essential. If teachers are forcibly transferred to remote villages, they often do not stay there. His dream, he says, is to one day set up a school of his own.

what is wrong with the american education system

Head Teacher is willing flex curriculum to free up teacher time Use parents to contribute to curriculum delivery Threats.

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Philippines educational system analysis and weaknesses