The many issues working parents face essay

should mothers go out to work essay

I had many challenges, growing up in a single parent home, but I make me the person I am today. These positive outcomes are most likely when the working mother feels valued and supported by family, friends, and coworkers.

Fernandez states that: There is a high correlation not only between missed work and caring for a sick child, but also caring for a sick child and leaving work early, coming in late, dealing with family issues during working hours, and on-and-off-the-job-stress.

As a result, the working mothers get easily fall in sick. Single Parenthood is very common in the United States.

Being raised by only one parent seems impossible to many yet over the decades it has become more prevalent.

problems faced by working mothers

Or Congress could even consider more sweeping reforms, such as moving from a family to an individual tax-and-benefits-based system. Follow Us.

The many issues working parents face essay

More improvements have also been made by employers, unions and the government to benefit families who have full time jobs. The father would most often be the earner of the family, and the mother would stay at home and take care of the children.

Working mothers essay

You might be judged unfairly by your coworkers or passed over by your employer. For parents living in poverty, childcare costs can consume up to 30 percent or more of their monthly income, discouraging mothers in particular from working. Obviously, it is also basic to the conflicts of work and family life. Furthermore, consider the single parent the one who provides solely for the child as they are the ones with them most of the time throughout the stint of their entire life. Instead of introducing a new and expensive program, the most straightforward childcare reform would be to make the existing Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit partially refundable, phased out at a lower income threshold, and indexed to child care inflation. Companies must implement new plans in order to meet the needs of their workers. If single-parent households are becoming part of the norm, then why are adoptions by single men and women still facing so much scrutiny? In all, families have changed a great deal in the last century, and we need to keep up with these changes and offer new suggestions towards improving family life. Challenges Faced by Young Parents………………………….. But I was able to catch the whole performance via FaceTime and congratulate my mini Mozart soon after he took his final bow. She suggests giving yourself a time limit to process your emotions before returning to your desk and taking long, slow breaths to establish a sense of calm.

Our responsibility as a parent is to help our child become self-reliant, respectful, and self-controlled. She works 40 hours a week, and she is valued at her job due to her bilingualism and knowledge of computers.

This paper would show the effects of being raised by a single parent. Women have been moving into the workforce not only for career satisfaction but also because they and their families need the income. The working mothers must make special arrangements such as day-care centre or a reliable person to take care of their children.

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6 Big Challenges for Working Parents