Too much homework

They may benefit from a distraction-free area, splitting homework time between before and after school or another creative arrangement that accounts for their needs. The researchers asked students whether they experienced physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems.

This may be caused by a learning disability. How to Find a Balance between School and Home? Keep in mind that it is a guidelineā€”some high school classes and advanced work classes may have more homework than the general guideline. Some children or teens may also experience a condition that affects their ability to focus for long periods of time.

Students should spend 10 minutes a night, per grade level working on homework.

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Learn how to organize your tasks, manage time, and increase productivity. Homework is one of the most difficult assignments students have to complete at the elementary school or college. How much homework is too much for kids? She complained of the tremendous amount of homework assignments: in summer, her schoolteachers forced the students to waste six days each week on accomplishing different homework tasks.

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What Parents Can Do When a Child Gets Too Much Homework