What are the key problem google faces in this situation

While Google remains at the middle of mobile computing with Android and popular apps like Maps, YouTube and Gmail, it doesn't control the discovery experience. Outrage surrounding those practices presents just one vulnerability the search giant faces as it seeks to protect its turf and expand its dominance.

problems faced by google company 2018

Social Sure, Google is investing massively in Google Plus as its answer to the social networking goliath Facebookand by tying everything to your Gmail credentials, Google has a formidable way to keep users on its services.

Along with Amazon, it's the only U. The company famous for its onetime "Don't be evil" mantra is under more scrutiny than ever. This innovation soon outperformed its competition, Yahoo!

legal issues facing google

And in just the past week or so, the search giant has become a favorite target for President Donald Trump. Google has long had the image of a whimsical startup, but the company faces some of its biggest challenges now as it reckons with its scale and influence.

And the company is the market leader in mobile advertising, thanks in large part to its purchase of ad network AdMob in Read More Has Google's anti-spam algorithm gone too far?

The European Commission has spent almost four years investigating antitrust-related complaints against the company. The company bought YouTube in and allowed us to watch and create videos like never before.

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20 years on, Google faces its biggest challenges