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What we do learn along the way is to place heavy reliance on stereotypes, gossip, rumor, and fear to shape our lack of knowledge. The vast majority were sent to killing centersoften called extermination camps, at BelzecChelmnoSobiborTreblinkaand Auschwitz-Birkenauwhere they were murdered primarily by means of poison gas.

As the camp was liberated on April 12, the U. Jews in Europe came from small towns as well as cities, and they were active in music, theater, politics, the military, business, and education.

The famous Steven Spielberg film Schindler's List focused attention on people like Oscar Schindler, who - at great risk to themselves and their families - helped Jews escape the Nazi genocide.

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Such a beautiful young girl, so innocent. Whether they had been victims, perpetrators, or bystanders in Nazi barbarity—and many Europeans had reason to count themselves in more than one of those categories—people faced the challenge of building lives for themselves and what was left of their families and communities with scarce resources and restricted freedom, and in a climate of distrust and grief. Six million Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis. Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in June , Einsatzgruppen and Waffen SS units, with support from the Wehrmacht, moved behind German lines to murder Jews, Roma, and Soviet state and Communist Party officials in mass shootings as well as in specially equipped gas vans. What could one say at the end of a life which had brought her such complete despair? For all those who remained, Jews and non-Jews, the end of the war did not bring an end to their problems. He considered Jewish people to be less than human. Museums exist in Washington D. The Holocaust What was it? Were these expulsions a way of punishing Germans? There are several accounts from survivors of the Holocaust, but many, people were not as fortunate. Responding to the increasingly difficult situation of German Jewry, Roosevelt organized the international Evian Conference on the refugee crisis in

The scale and speed of the conflict had been unprecedented: the war ended up killing at least 19 million non-combatant civilians in Europe.

It is the intention of the Allies that the German people be given the opportunity to prepare for the eventual reconstruction of their life on a democratic and peaceful basis.

It has changed the way people set up society and the way government functions in certain countries such as Germany following the Holocaust.

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About prisoners died. Over 4, slave laborers, all Jews of various nationalities, were housed in the prison. Children, of course, were no match for the Nazis' mighty and sophisticated killing machine. This handout includes a version of the Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, Text-to-World strategy modified for use with photographs.

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Introduction to the Holocaust