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But each of them had family members whom were prevalent parts in their lives. To be precise, this essay discusses the themes displayed by three movies, The birds, Persepolis and Nosferatu.

Satrapi reckons that the individuals that make up the population of Iran should all support the idea of the government before the ministry of Iran can commence a war Another example of symbolism would be the constant Western reference. Unlike previous graphical novels Persepolis gave readers an inside look at what growing up in Iran during the revolution was like.

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Crucial to any piece of argumentative writing is its thesis. If not is she sincere and what was it that eventually made leaving more important than staying? What is the relationship between national and personal history, and how do personal stories capture national problems? Religiously, her faith become shakable Her family protected her and guided her, while her friends allowed her freedom to be her own person. What do I want to prove? African and Middle Eastern countries were often controlled under European rule through indirect rule. Marjane is 10 years old forced to wear a veil as a school girl. At the beginning, Satrapi grasps religion tightly; however, by the end of the book, she seems to let it go. Throughout her late childhood, Satrapi had dreamed of becoming a prophet.

Satrapi attempts to guide herself in a corrupted world filled with propaganda. Extrapolate Marjie's altitude towards Iran to a more general statement on patriotism.

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War is hard on each and every affected person, but the most affected are the children. Many people would agree that the extension of a small sample size to a larger population is something done often in scientific experimentation and studies, and is therefore a relevant method of argument

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