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Had prescribed is in the same tense past perfect.

Longman academic writing series 3 paragraphs to essays answer key

It should be circled five times in body paragraph 1, four times in body paragraph 2, four times in body paragraph 3, once in body paragraph 4, and twice in the concluding paragraph. OR Every region of the world has its indigenous native materials for building houses. Answer key by step by alice; language rhetoric handbooks. Therefore, taking courses via television would offer many more students the chance to earn a college degree. Medicine and Ethics Paragraph 2: The first issue Visit us at longman. C In some areas of the world, heavy rains fall.

Ann hogue, fourth edition pdf best man speech writing academic english answer key nouns 22key noun substitutes'.

C Drought happens.

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SS3 d. As a result, 7. Chocolate D. As she explained, In black holes, the laws of nature do not seem to apply. Living in a small town has several advantages: little traffic, a low crime rate, friendly neighbors, and community spirit. F NP Statistics on number of cases in last few years 6. Practice 2: Repetition of Key Nouns page 23 Responses will vary. The verbs said and stated are simple past tense. In paragraph 5, the contrast is between a newlywed couple s living separately and a couple s living with one set of parents. Same-sex classes provide a better learning environment. Three clothing styles you can see at my school include hip-hop, prep, and goth. The British people may be more or less friendly than people at home, the weather may be rainier than the weather you are used to, and you may encounter some frosty stares the first time you forget to queue at the bus stop. Of course, because we were nisei, it wasn t as simple as all that.

As a resultmany countries banned imports of genetically modified corn for several years. Reasons a.

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It connects two independent clauses. Chronological order 2. It is a different kind neither a summary nor a paraphrase. Questions pages 90 91 1. It has been documented that lack of sleep affects a person s ability to think clearly. Blue is not a good color for dinnerware, however. Step 3. Paragraph 3: In addition to issues resulting from reproduction technology

Instead of spending huge amounts of money to travel to Mars, which will provide little benefit for Earth, we should use the money to solve problems such as curing cancer and AIDS, cleaning up pollution, and helping people who suffer from hunger, homelessness, poverty, and lack of employment Brunish.

It indicates chronological order by indicating that the essay will explain 1 how the accident happened and 2 how a nuclear power plant is built and how it operates.

longman academic writing series 3 paragraphs to essays answer key

In short; This story is a good example. In other words, Great Britain has both a monarch and a prime minister, but the United States has only a president.

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Body A. Sample answers: 2. C They have very large eyes. Silver and turquoise jewelry 14 19 3. Similarly, 5. Paragraph 1: f Paragraph 2: c Paragraph 3: d Paragraph 4: b Practice 2: Identifying the Parts of a Topic Sentence page 9 The topic is circled and the controlling idea is underlined. My company began offering employees flexible working hours; as a result , productivity has increased and absenteeism has declined. Combined with cross references and sentence structure. Handicrafts a. O List specific actions the police could do; quotation from a victim demanding police take action The contrast in paragraph 7 is between marriages in which gifts are given to the couple together and those in which gifts are given to the wife or husband separately. The last sentence in the original becomes two sentences in the paraphrase. Spectacular beaches make Puerto Rico a tourist paradise. E The nuclear reactor at Chernobyl underwent a meltdown.

In additiongenetic engineers have created larger fish, frost-resistant strawberries, and cows that produce more milk. OR Words of foreign origin have enriched English. Surprising: There are so many conflicting news stories about which foods are good for you that it is often difficult to make the right choices at the supermarket.

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